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David Spencer

August 19th, 2016

Why you should update your website – Part II

When was the last time you updated your website? If in that time you’ve had a kid, raised them, and sent them off to college, it’s probably been too long.

It’s incredibly surprising the number of websites that haven’t been updated for two decades and are no longer providing any significant value to their owners or their visitors. With just a few changes, your website can drastically improve the way you do business every day.

Better Navigation and Footers

When browsing websites, visitors want to get to the information that is important to them as quickly as possible. If your navigation is unorganized, your visitors will not stay.
An organized menu allows your visitors to browse your site efficiently, finding the information that’s important to them quickly.

Want to stay connected with your clients, even when they’re not on your site? Adding social media to your footer allows your customers to follow you, get updates about your site or products, and keep up to date with your news.

Contact Information

Your contact information should be present on every page of your site. When your visitors wish to contact you, they shouldn’t have to search for your information, it should be readily available in your websites footer.


More people browse the web on mobile devices than they do on desktop computers. By making your website responsive, you reach out to everyone. Google now favors mobile ready websites in its search results on mobile devices, over those with non-mobile sites. More presence = more visitors.

Better Browser Support

Even old browsers need love. With better browser support you’ll ensure that your site works for everyone. If your site doesn’t load on a visitor’s browser, they will look to your competitors for the services they need.