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Kaci Janawsky

June 4th, 2016

Automotive Marketing Trends in 2016

A healing economy is putting eager consumers back in the automotive market, and sales are on the upswing. Consumers are moving away from their infatuation with certain automotive brands, and are beginning to view vehicles as more of just a mode of transportation, instead of as a status symbol. Although this is not predicted to have an overall impact on car sales, it will affect the budget people are willing to work within. To meet this shift in consumer buying behavior, some changes you may notice in dealer showrooms are smaller SUVs, more advanced eco-friendly vehicles, and more zippy cars, all taking full advantage of recently lowered gas prices.

As always, car-based sport utilities have been a popular trend, but in 2015 a new compressed look is key. Subcompact SUVs are expected to be more of a hit amongst young, urban consumers who are attracted by the lower prices and higher fuel economy.

Speaking of fuel economy, one of the more obvious trends of the year will mostly likely be the continued introduction of alternative fuel vehicles, or technological improvements to existing ones. Despite lower gas prices, companies are experimenting with new powertrain technologies to meet law requirements on fuel economy.

Besides styling and fuel economy, in-car technology is becoming a major selling point as well. Consumers are expecting more refined infotainment systems at a lower price, and want high-end features to be standard. In turn, this is helping the mass market catch up with luxury brands.

What types of vehicles consumers are buying isn’t the only thing that is changing, as the traditional car-buying experience is adapting to new trends as well. As consumers recover from the economic crises from previous years, they are hitting the market in hopes of a seamless car-buying experience. More often than not, shoppers have done their fair share of research online before ever stepping foot onto a car lot. This is why it is important for marketing companies to stay on top of these trends, so that dealers can update their processes, from tactical to technological.